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Wes Paul began playing guitar after buying an acoustic guitar from Gerry Allan's record shop in Lodge Lane in 1955, his main influences being Hank Williams and Elvis Presley. Shortly after he formed a skiffle group and performed in his school band (Prince's Park). He made money busking outside pubs and playing skiffle on the street corner.

In the early 60s he played with several bands on the local pub and club scene and was resident singer at The Monroe, Duke Street and Jokers Club, Edge Lane.

Later he spent a year in London playing the local pub and club scene including The 2 I's in Old Compton Street and The 59 Club in Hackney Wick.

Wes was invited by Kingsize Taylor to stage manage the Sounds of the Sixties jam session at The Cavern and the first session was held on Sunday 13th November 2005. Besides stage managing and compering several large charity shows for Kingsize and Marga Taylor, Wes organised and appeared in 77 Cavern Showcases.

Wes now plays rhythm guitar and is the lead singer of The Wes Paul Band.

Wes Paul at the Cavern Club, Liverpool

Rebecca first appeared as a guest with Wes Paul and Nashville on 8th October 2006. It was the first time she had attended the Cavern Showcase, and her dream was to play on the Cavern. Rebecca became involved shortly after in publicising the Showcase events, that is distributing flyers throughout Liverpool during the daytime of the shows. She subsequently became the Publicity Manager and began work on developing the Cavern Showcase website.

Rebecca Paul

Paul Galvin has been lead guitarist with Nashville (a Liverpool country rock n roll group) for over ten years, and became a great friend of Wes Paul during the time that Wes appeared with Nashville on many local gigs. Wes Paul asked Les Evans (lead singer with Nashville) and the band to support him as the Cavern Showcase house band.

Paul Galvin

The current line up of The Wes Paul Band was born in February 2007 when Bec became the final member to join the group. They met their drummer Harry Starr at a jam night at Todmorden Conservative Club. It wasn't long before he agreed to join the band full time.

Harry Starr



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